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Canter History

The Canter - Traditionally Successful
A compact bus called the B46 wrote the first chapter in FUSO’s success story back in 1932. Thirty-one years later, the first Canter rolled off the production lines in 1963 – and promptly opened a new chapter in the history of a unique vehicle. More than four million light trucks have since followed suit, all of them devoted to making delivery and transportation more efficient and more economical for customers on every continent on Earth.

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The first generation Canter was introduced to the small truck market in March of 1963 in the form of the T720 cab-over truck with a 2-t cargo capacity. It was named “Canter” because of its hardy performance and the exhilarating way it moved like a swift horse.


In July 1968, 5 years after its birth, the Canter was completely redesigned and became the T90 series – the second-generation Canter. All the models were equipped with dynamic and powerful high-performance engines (75-hp diesel, 90-hp petrol) which gave the Canter the best figures for acceleration and maximum speed in its class.



1973 saw the launch of the T200 Series – the third generation of the Canter – which featured substantial changes to every part of the vehicle, including the cab's front panel.



By the late 1970s, the market share of the Canter had already passed the 20% mark. A decisive factor in this success was the 4th model generation which was launched in October 1978 in the form of the FE 1 and FE 2 model series.



The all-new FE 3 and FE 5 models from the 5th generation of the Canter were launched in October 1985 with the tagline "Today's new Canter, loaded for the future". Extremely sturdy and robust, they were also decidedly comfortable to drive.



In November 1993, during Canter's 30th anniversary year, the 6th generation was introduced. Advertised with the "GOOD TRUCK" slogan, these Canters featured flowing cab lines, which optimised the aerodynamics, and were equipped with high-performance engines, such as the newly developed, 140-hp naturally-aspirated direct injection engine which had the largest capacity in its class. These Canter models were also equipped with safety features such as projection-beam headlamps which were unusual in their class at the time.



The 2001 facelift brought design changes to the radiator grille and headlamps. As a result of changes to European emissions regulations, new Euro-3 engines were introduced for the Canter. Furthermore, ABS was now standard in the 544, 649 and 659 models.


The new Canter TD, which was introduced in the European market in 2005, offers further significant improvements with regard to reliability, practicality, cost-effectiveness, versatility and, above all, safety and comfort. In short: All your business needs!



In September 2006, the product range is expanded with four high-torque, economical Euro-4 engines with 110, 125, 145 and 180 hp.



Europe's largest customer fleet test of hybrid trucks started in London with 8 vehicles in 2008. By 2009, FUSO had produced more than 600 hybrid vehicles for markets in Asia.



The Canter with Euro 5 engines (EEV standard) and Daimler-developed BlueTec® 5 technology is introduced for the 129 kW (175 hp) variant in 2009.



The first fully automated dual clutch transmission in a truck, a new frame with good body-mounting ability and a choice of six variants, a new cab with an enhanced control concept, and an innovative powertrain are waiting for you to put them to the test in 2011.


The FUSO Canter Eco Hybrid was launched at the end of 2012. On launch it was the world’s first commercial vehicle that combines a DUONIC dual-clutch transmission with a hybrid engine. The right-hand drive hybrid vehicle has sold more than 1,200 units in markets like Japan, Australia, Ireland and Hong Kong.


The Canter E-Cell is the first purely electrically powered light truck brought out in test mode in 2014. The FUSO Canter E-Cell has proven to be extremely practical in daily transport routines and has an EV range of up to 100KM.


FUSO presented the third generation of the world's first all-electric light truck at the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicles Show. FUSO will start a small series production run of vehicles which will be delivered to customers in Europe, the USA and Japan from 2017 omwards.